Okay so…

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

okaydaydream is us, Mindy King and Stesha Gearner. We are two friends from (east) Dallas, TX and we so glad you popped in!

We want to welcome you to a place to chat about friendship, motherhood, fashion and design, plus we can tell you where to find the best biscuits in Dallas.

From Mindy: “When Stesha and I met we quickly bonded over a shared love for sports-talk-radio, our mutual love of s’mores and the perfect jean-hem length. I do believe, if pressed, the thing Stesha would say she admires most about me is my knowledge of denim fits.” ::beams with pride::

From Stesha: “That’s kinda true.”

From Mindy: “You definitely need to choose the right partner when undertaking a project like a blog, and for us, that was easy. At the end of the day, who do you forward the most memes to on Instagram?”

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(All photos by Bliss Katherine for okaydaydream.)