Stories I’ve Told on First Dates

A Q&A with Mindy

What was your first job?

I worked as a clerk after school at a boutique INSIDE a drug store, which was INSIDE a grocery store. These are the types of fine purveyors you find in a town populated by 5K people. I was responsible for the upkeep of one aisle, (facing the products, dusting) which I didn’t do, and not responsible to self-sample fudge (which was inside a case and sold by the pound) which I did do. Oh, and one time I called in sick on Friday/payday but still went in to collect my paycheck so I could cash it and go to the mall with my friends. ::insert 100 emoji here::

What is your “soul city”?

New York City is special to me, and millions of other people. The reason I don’t live there is because I don’t deserve to and that is true. New York doesn’t need me. But I love to go to her and just glimpse her art, beauty, and culture, and partake in the food and fashion and New York is good enough to let me do that once in a while. And we do have Shake Shack in Dallas now so…

More necessary personal maintenance function: manicure or hair color?

Hair color for sure.

Which fictional character would you totally marry if you weren’t of course already happily married I mean obviously?

Troy Dyer from Reality Bites or Jesse Wallace from Before Sunrise …So any character played by Ethan Hawke spouting abundant dialogue.

What is the last book you read or podcast you listened to?

I recently downloaded the NPR app which chooses podcasts for you based on your interests and it brought me “Busted: America’s Poverty Myth” which was eye-opening and heartbreaking. I also just got around to reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed which made me feel like the opposite of a badass by comparison.

If you had to choose only three clothing lines to live in what would they be?

Natalie Martin is my aspirational aesthetic, her prints are so beautiful and the silhouettes are effortless, beachy and bohemian but in a grown up way. Christy Dawn dresses are always on my wish list. They come in “forever cuts” that seem timeless and feminine and they are all made in California from deadstock fabrics. I also have an undying love for the simple, sturdy classics from Madewell. You can’t get better jeans for the price and I’ll never stop buying striped tees. It’s a sickness.

Who is your guru?

I love Oprah so much, and I genuinely credit my exposure to her weekly talk show for at least 30% of any virtue I have.

What are your desert island snacks? 

The Mix from Unrefined Bakery in Dallas is a cereal mix that is spicy and sweet and I have killed so many bags of it on the couch, crunching like a maniac. My friends know I love Topo Chico which you can find everywhere in Dallas but apparently not north of the Red River. Macarons from Joy in Dallas are another treat I’ll never turn down. If you go get the salted caramel. Adding salt to desserts was such a good call, Dessert Innovators. I’m glad y’all did that.

Best concert you’ve ever been to?

Radiohead touring in support of In Rainbows, 2008

What do you think is the most important personal quality to cultivate? 

Gratitude. I have a funny, creative and supportive husband and a beautiful, smart and sweet little boy so I know I am rich. I am thankful every day.

(all photos by Kelly Christine.)