Five Fall Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear

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We are right in the thick of summer, the hottest days of the year but in the retail world, it’s basically fall already. Despite the heat, we are already fantasizing about outfits featuring layers from this crop (pun intended) of trends we are starting to see on the racks and web pages of our favorite stores.

Fall always feels like the most urgent time to do a wardrobe refresh. We think it must have been embedded in our fashion DNA from the years of going back-to-school shopping with our moms. Who remembers the days of picking out sweaters and being excited to wear them with your new jeans and loafers (the 90’s!) even though it was August, and still weeks away from that being a sensible idea?

Well, we are older now, and mom isn’t bringing her checkbook, so we are planning ahead to budget for these five fall trends.


We love a sophisticated duster and we also get pretty excited over her cute cousin the kimono. Just above floor length in this layer is what is feeling right to us, but shorter styles can be chic too. It floats behind you when you walk and it elevates a plain tee and jeans from basic to cool. (Psst: You can almost always turn a button-up midi or maxi dress, or a wrap dress into a duster!) Here are some styles we would like to wear over a basic slip dress or jeans.

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High-Waisted Levi’s

High-waisted, vintage inspired Levi’s aren’t a new thing, fashion people have been all over this for a few years now. What we feel like is new, is that we have found styles that are actually flattering, not an easy feat. Once the mercury falls below 90 (and one of us is no longer pregnant) we both plan to wear this classic brand with all of our boxy tops and yes, under floaty ethereal dusters or a chunky sweater.

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Remember these?
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Mules and Slides

We love how effortless a mule is both in form and function. It sort of portrays that you didn’t try too hard, which you definitely didn’t. It shows some ankle, which is kinda sexy, but it hides your toes so go ahead and skip that pedicure. Here are a few styles we love.

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Vintage-inspired prints 

Don’t you feel a little bit smug when you score a vintage top or dress and then when someone compliments you, and asks where you found the item, you have to say (dismissively), “Oh, it’s vintage.” It’s the sartorial equivalent of torturing someone with a schoolyard game of keep-away. Even if you don’t want it to your tone implies, it’s mine and you’ll never find something this cool so there is no point in even discussing it further. Vintage, or vintage-inspired, these fabrics and styles give us that feeling.

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Chunky Sweaters

Chunky- It’s not just a hot song by Bruno Mars or a less popular style of peanut butter (shoutout to the girls who pay they rent on time.) We can’t wait for crisp air so we can start wearing some of these cozy styles.

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Thoughts? Have you already started planning your fall wardrobe?

(Photo of Mindy in Levi’s by Julia Soniat for okaydaydream)