Have a Good Weekend!

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Well hello Friday, it’s always a pleasure!

Dallas has officially reached surface-of-the-sun-did-I-die-and-go-to-hell-oh-wait-it’s-just-July-in-Texas status, how is everyone coping? If you are reading from another city and you have some cool breezes and any clouds in your sky, tell us where you are and we are on our way.

Do you guys have any big weekend plans?

Stesha has a small brunch on Sunday to celebrate Goldie, and Mindy is staying in the air-conditioning no matter what, probably going to get some value out of those Hulu/Netflix/HBO subscriptions. Send Topo Chico!

Here are the things we were chatting about this week, in case you’re in the mood to click around the web.

Maybe this doesn’t sound good to you while it’s hot but we are never not in the mood for some queso. Here are some untraditional kinds to check out.

(and did you hear that Chipotle is about to get in the queso game? Sweet fancy Moses!)

The Spotify fake artist scandal.

Foods you must try at Whole Foods.

A prayer circle at Toys R Us. Hilarious.

Social Q’s. Fun to read!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Stesha and Mindy

(photo by Julia Soniat for okaydaydream)