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Stesha is the loveliest expecting momma. (Impending motherhood looks great on you Stesh!) We celebrated her, Daniel and baby Goldie last Sunday at the sweetest shower. I looked around the room and at our mothers, aunts, and other friends with children. There was a lot of experience represented.

As the countdown clock to the arrival of baby Goldie ticks, I know that Stesha is about to go through the biggest sea change of her life. All of us who have children are on the other side of this divide, and we know things that are hard to articulate, though we try. I usually sum it up like this: “You’ll never be the same.” It sounds clichéd, pat, or mystical but it’s somehow true.

The irony of advice about parenting and motherhood is, though there is a vast support network of those who have come before, there has never been the one of a kind combination of a you and your unique baby before. That is a brand new thing!

Still precious wisdom abounds. Time does not. So I thought it would be fun to ask a few friends for their words on motherhood, in just one sentence.

From our friend Melissa, mother of Micah, 18. and owner of Photo Wagon

“Be present.”

Melissa elaborated beautifully: “So many times I wished we could get past a certain age or season of childhood… but once it’s gone, it’s literally gone. You don’t get that time back. Those little spills, a million questions. The things that may get under your skin now will be the thing you wish you had back. It’s heart breaking and heart warming to watch your child become an adult.”

(Made me tear up!)

From our friend Lindsey, momma to Coen, age 1, and shop owner of Beatnik, soon to open in Oak Cliff-

“Never compare yourself to other parents, every circumstance is different, do what works for you!”

From our friend Chantal, mom to Luna age 3 and Iver 2 months, and makeup/beauty/artist/genius behind Love Dose Beauty

“Make sure you’re always taking care of yourself, so you can give your children the best version of you.”

From my mom, Merrie, mother to me and my three siblings, ages twenty something to thirty-something, and Therapist at Women in Recovery

“Consistency creates safety for children, who in turn, grow up to be safe with the ones they love.”

And last, from Stesha’s mom, Dana, mom to Stesha and older brother Clay, and Business Consultant at Bank of America-

“Cheetos for breakfast will not kill you.”

(Made me laugh!)

What motherhood advice do you have for Stesha? Please comment, we would love to know!

(Photo of Stesha at her baby shower by Elizabeth Plimmer owner of The Tamale Company)

4 thoughts on “One Sentence on Motherhood

  1. Don’t be too serious. Don’t worry about the house, it will still be there when they are not. Have fun with your kids!!!

  2. Enjoy the newborn noises, they are so beautiful, so heart piercing… And to listen to her breathe… And the way she will grip your finger in her little hand …
    and so many kisses to her…
    You’ve got this Stesha…your daughter is being born into such a beautiful family… God bless and keep you all…

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